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ESRC Doctoral Students

The Cambridge ESRC DTP is part of a national network of 14 Doctoral Training Partnerships funded by the Economic and Social Research Council.  At least 33 doctoral studentships are offered each year, between 2017-2023 to outstanding candidates wishing to benefit from the excellent graduate education and research environment offered at Cambridge.

This website is run by ESRC DTP doctoral students for the purposes of promoting the work of those funded by the ESRC DTP, including the annual conference.

The Conference

The Annual Postgraduate Conference is an opportunity for postgraduate researchers to come together to share their emergent ideas and cutting edge research. The conference provides postgraduate researchers with a welcoming and vibrant space where ideas can be shared, questioned and expanded through networking with peers from a range of social science disciplines. The conference aims to bring together different voices, different disciplines and different institutions so as to expand the reach and impact of the social sciences. 

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